HR Excellence in research Unia Europejska
HR Excellence in research Unia Europejska

Laboratory of Engineering Geophysics

Laboratory of Engineering Geophysics

Laboratory of Engineering Geophysics, where research is carried out in the field of recognizing the structure and properties of various geological structures and their behavior in various conditions. The laboratory specializes in improving the measurement and interpretation methodology of test results, using the latest hardware solutions in the field of engineering and mining seismic, seismological, seismometric, and electromagnetic (GPR) methods. The results of the research are used in practice, in the analysis of landslide and sinking processes, the stability of flood embankments, assessment of the quality of the substrate for surface and underground construction facilities, as well as for the needs of effective and safe mining and tunneling works.


Prof. Zenon Pilecki

Institute of Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute of Polish Academy of Sciences
Division of Geodynamics and Environmental Engineering
Wybickiego 7A
31-261 Cracow

Phone: +48 602272049

Scope of research

The Laboratory of Engineering Geophysics has provided  research for over 30 years, especially for state and local government institutions, companies, and different enterprises,  as well as other scientific institutions in the scope of:

  • ground-penetrating radar,
  • engineering and mining seismic,
  • mining seismology,
  • seismometry,
  • other geophysical methods,
  • geological-engineering and geotechnical research, including mathematical simulations in different ground and water conditions.

In particular, we specialize in the following investigations:

  • recognition of the structure and properties of soil and rock mass,
  • identification of landslides and landslide-prone terrains,
  • identification of sinkhole hazards in mining and post-mining areas,
  • localization of voids and loosening zones in the subsoil of different constructions, assessment of the quality of road and railroad substructures, including defects in construction layers, consolidation of embankments of various types, etc.,
  • identification of the ground quality of underground construction objects (tunnels, tourist facilities, mining excavations),
  • localization of infrastructure elements – electrical and water installations, sewage pipes, etc.,
  • monitoring of the behaviour of soil and rock mass by geophysical and engineering-geological methods,
  • assessment of the magnitude of dynamic impacts on the ground and constructions – the impact of ground vibrations on various types of constructions,
  • assessment of the stress-deformation impact of edges, remnants of coal seams and faults on mine workings,
  • recognition of geological conditions of mineral deposits and cosl seams using seismic tomography.

2D and 3D numerical modelling support the geophysical and geological-engineering studies.

Examples of expertise

  1. Seismic surveys and borehole geophysics for engineering-geological documentation of the Suchoraba railroad tunnel.
  2. Landslide hazard assessment at the Połom Lime Mine in Wojcieszów.
  3. Results of georadar and seismic measurements in the area of damaged construction embankment of the border clearance platform in Zwardoń, Rajcza commune.
  4. Geophysical research of the rock mass structure in the the Main Key Heritage Adit complex excavations with localization of selected excavations that were liquidated and preparation of designs of  protection of the Main Key Heritage Adit complex excavations together with supervision by the author.
  5. Investigations of ground vibrations generated by motor vehicles in the vicinity of the church in Marklowice.
  6. Assessment of the impact of a tremor with the energy of 8.5×107 J on the ground surface and the forecast of ground vibration acceleration in the mining area.
  7. Seismic profiling in mine workings for stress-deformation condition assessment.
  8. Recognition of the rock mass structure in a selected exploitation level by means of seismic tomography and the borehole GPR.
  9. Programme and geophysical research for quality ground improvement for the project entitled: “Construction of railroad connection between MPL Katowice – Pyrzowice and cities of Upper Silesian agglomeration.
  10. Geophysical investigations of the range of weak soils on the A4 autoroute section Jarosław Węzeł Wierzbna (without junction) – Radymno (with junction).
  11. Numerical simulation and determination of rock mass properties for the assessment of stress and deformation state in area W1 and E1 of KWK Rydułtowy-Anna in relation to seams intended for exploitation.
  12. Developing the ground conditions resulting from exploitation in Jaworzno III mining area for local spatial development plans in Jaworzno: Osiedle Stałe, Niedzieliska, Łubowiec, Góra Piasku, Długoszyn-Chropaczówka, Dąbrowa Narodowa, Zachód industrial areas, Wojska Polskiego – south.
  13. Developing geological and engineering documentation for landslide protection along the route of the planned road no 28 Wadowice – Sucha Beskidzka – Nowy Sącz – Krosno, section Mucharz, Tarnawa Dolna – Zembrzyce.
  14. Numerical calculations of the behaviour of the tunnel lining-rock mass system for the task: elaboration of the technical documentation for the construction of the 2nd class express road S-94 Bielsko Biała-Żywiec-Zwardoń, section in Laliki – tunnel.
  15. Determination of the hazard of discontinuous deformations of the ground surface in areas of shallow mining of lead-zinc ores by means of geophysical methods in the Katowice province.