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HR Excellence in research Unia Europejska


Digital electromobility simulator for conventional vehicles

Digital electromobility simulator for conventional vehicles

Implementation period: 2021-02-01 - 2023-01-31

Type: National

Division: The Division of Applied Geochemistry and Environmental Engineering, The Division of Minerals and Energy Sustainable Development, The Division of Mineral Resources Acquisition

The electric car market in Poland is developing very dynamically. One of the barriers to development is the uncertainty related to the costs and discomfort associated with switching from an internal combustion car to an electric one. Both of these aspects depend on the driving culture of the vehicle user, as well as the distances covered, the requirements for driving comfort and much more. Checking all available models in order to choose the best solution would require a lot of time and costs from a person interested in purchasing.

The aim of the project is to develop an IT tool simulating the behavior of passenger electric vehicles (EVs) based on a long-term analysis of the recorded operational data during the normal use of the currently owned ICE vehicle and the vehicle user profile. Data will be collected via the vehicle’s OBD II interface. The results of the analysis of vehicle parameters will allow us to recommend the user the choice of the EV model best suited to his needs (according to the adopted criteria). The whole thing will be done at no additional cost to the user, as it will only require running a free application.

The project includes the implementation of four stages. In the first stage, a model that represents the operation of an internal combustion vehicle as electric will be created. The second stage, the creation of the system with a mobile application is planned. In the third stage, verification test and checking of the system and the application are planned. The last stage is pre-implementation work.

The product will be targeted at private vehicle users and corporate fleet users who are considering switching from combustion to electric vehicles. The results of the project will also be of interest to manufacturers and sellers of EVs, transport companies (buses) and carriers (taxi companies), energy companies (building charging stations) and fuel sellers.

The project is implemented by a consortium of two entities: IGSMIE PAN and the INSTAWAY INSTITUTE foundation.

Project budget: PLN 1,775,632.13

Funding amount: PLN 1,613,525.04

Project manager: dr inż. Dominik Kryzia, contact: