HR Excellence in research Unia Europejska
HR Excellence in research Unia Europejska


Eco-efficient multi-fuel drive system with a hydrogen cell in a catamaran

Eco-efficient multi-fuel drive system with a hydrogen cell in a catamaran

Implementation period: 2022-06-06 - 2024-06-05

Type: National

Division: The Division of Mineral Policy

In the framework of the project, a prototype of a catamaran with a multi-fuel propulsion system will be developed, using a
hydrogen cell, a diesel generator, an LPG fuel gas generator and a photovoltaic panel system. All these elements will be
connected to a set of batteries in which energy will be stored both for the purposes of propelling the yacht (powering
electric motors) and to ensure the functioning of its equipment. According to the adopted schedule, the project will
include totally 6 stages in which industrial research and experimental development will be carried out.
The industrial research will concern the development of the concept of a multi-fuel propulsion system and the
requirements that result from its application for the construction of a yacht; the concepts of the yacht will also be the
subject of industrial research.

The scope of industrial development will include:

– designing a catamaran and its equipment,
– development of an energy management system for the multi-fuel drive system and for the entire catamaran,
– design and construction of an energy generation and conversion system with a propulsion system,
– formation a catamaran prototype and its verification in real conditions.
Two product innovations will arise as a result of the project. It will be a hybrid series multi-fuel propulsion system and an
aluminum catamaran with a structure adapted to the installation of a new propulsion system along with installations
necessary for its operation, which will be controlled by an adaptive energy management system. The project consists a
part of the search for new technical solutions for the development of environmentally friendly means of transport. It has
enormous implementation potential in the rapidly developing maritime recreational craft market.

The project was fully financed under the Ministry of Education and Science programme “Science for Society”

in the amount of PLN 257,830.00.