HR Excellence in research Unia Europejska
HR Excellence in research Unia Europejska


„Premia na Horyzoncie 2” Programme

„Premia na Horyzoncie 2” Programme

Implementation period: -

Type: National

Division: The Division of Strategic Research

information on the financing or co-financing of the task from the state budget or state earmarked funds;

„Premia na Horyzoncie 2” Programme

Cross-border and Cross-sectoral collaboration to support SMEs and the development of

innovative products, processes or services for Green Offshore Production and Transport


63,650.00 EUR total budget of the project

PLN 56,870.00 funding


The project will facilitate the creation of new products, processes and services with the ambition to make offshore production and transport green, clean and sustainable towards a resource-efficient economy and EU Green Deal while facing Reindustrialization. The project assumes the transfer of advanced technological solutions between eight sectors and a far-reaching synergy of activities within the following sectors: offshore wind energy, aquaculture, offshore oil and gas, waterborne transport, advanced materials, advanced production, environmental technologies and Industry 4.0.

The main project goals are to:

– support for innovation implementation directly for SMEs under the developed competitions enabling the submission and application of innovative projects in the analyzed sectors and the provision of a number of dedicated and tailored business support services by SMEs

– create an open space/platform, with tools that will enable and facilitate cooperation between clusters and SMEs in different sectors, regions and countries during and after the project