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HR Excellence in research Unia Europejska


GreenOffshoreTech project

GreenOffshoreTech project

Implementation period: 2021-04-01 - 2024-01-30

Type: International

Division: The Division of Strategic Research

GreenOffshoreTech project – international and cross-sectorial cooperation to support SMEs in the development of innovative products, processes and services for Green Offshore Production and Transport

Type – H2020 INNOSUP

The aim of the international GreenOffshoreTech project is to support innovation in SMEs and stimulate the development of emerging Blue Economy sectors by enabling the creation of new cross-border and trans-sectoral value chains based on common challenges and using key enabling technologies.

The project envisages the transfer of advanced technologies between 8 sectors and a far-reaching synergy of activities within the sectors: offshore wind, offshore aquaculture, offshore oil and gas, maritime transport, advanced materials, advanced production, environmental technologies, Industry 4.0.

The GreenOffshoreTech consortium will develop and undertake two types of activities  for achieving the project’s objective and will:

GreenOffshoreTech will support at least 100 SMEs and 100 innovative SME projects aimed at developing new innovative products, processes or services.

The project will involve partners from 7 countries: Norway, Portugal, Latvia, Poland, Iceland, the United Kingdom, Germany and include the following consortium members:

Total budget: 5 253 231 euro

Grant funding:  4 998 893 euro

Project Manager: D.Sc. Joanna Kulczycka,  contact: