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Supporting enterprises in decision-making processes – LEGO

Supporting enterprises in decision-making processes – LEGO

Implementation period: 2017-01-01 - 2018-12-31

Type: International

Division: The Division of Strategic Research

The LEGO (Listening to Enterprises to Get Opportunities) will be realized in 217-2018. The main objective of the project is to offer specific, detailed analysis that will be investigated in order to support enterprises in their decision-making process. The scope of LEGO includes the support of enterprises in their strategic planning and decision making, through the identification and analysis of different CRMs chains, collection and analysis of the data related to CRMs issues, providing of infographic and report of analysed data and identification of business opportunities with strategic insights. LEGO intends to boost the competitiveness of the enterprises operating in the raw materials industry, providing an on-demand decision-making support service to understand the competitive dynamics of the market and find out new business opportunities. Our Institute is one of the leading partner of the project.