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Sigma for Water – a project within INTERREG IVC

Sigma for Water – a project within INTERREG IVC

Implementation period: 2010-01-01 - 2013-12-31

Type: International

Division: The Division of Strategic Research

The European project “Sustainable InteGral Management Approaches for water areas” (Project acronym: SIGMA for Water) is an integral approach to sustainable development in water areas. The essence of the project was an international cooperation aimed at addressing the calls for sustainable development in water areas. The project was aimed at improving the water quality through wider use of the existing and new lakes and wetlands for, among other things, recreation and entertainment purposes. Each project partner has developed an integrated action plan for the development of new lakes and wetlands in a given region, aimed at improving the quality of the water system and environment. The project has resulted in the assessment of climate changes, determination of the objectives and tasks of the regional policy, and the development of good practices for improving the quality of aquatic environments. The Sigma for Water project was financed under the Interreg IVC programme (European Regional Development Fund, ERDF) and involved 11 partners from 8 countries, including our Institute.