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The 17th International Conference on Coal Science and Technology (ICCS&T 2019)

The 17th International Conference on Coal Science and Technology (ICCS&T 2019)

17th edition of the world’s most important scientific meeting, dedicated to coal and energy issues which has been held every two years, will take place at the ICE Krakow Congress Center on November 24-28, 2019. During the latter event, which took place in Beijing, the International Organizing Committee chose Kraków as a conference venue in 2019, thus appreciating the scientific and research achievements of AGH-University of Science and Technolog (prof. Janusz Golaś) and Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences  ( prof. Magdalena Wdowin). The event will be with co-organzation with Cental Mining Institute,  Institute for Chemical Porcessing of Coal as well as IEA Clean Coal Center (Londyn).

ICCS&T Kraków 2019 is a prestigious scientific event, organized for the first time in Central Europe, which, should gather several hundred scientists from around the world engaged in coal geochemistry, coal processing, combustion problems, including low-grade coal combustion, pyrolysis and gasification technologies, coking, carbon capture and storage, fuel cells and broadly understood issues of the impact of coal technologies and coal energy on the environment, including coal analysis and combustion products. All these issues are extremely important globally and in particular for Poland.

We are expecting over 300 participants – a diverse community of scientists, industry, government, research institutions and academics from various countries around the world.  ICCS&T offers not only an incredible opportunity for exchange experiences and knowledge but also a venue for networking and collaboration with professionals, suppliers, and other stakeholders from around the world.


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Division:The Division of Applied Geochemistry and Environmental Engineering