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HR Excellence in research Unia Europejska

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The Department of Minerals and Energy Market Research

Head of Department

Sobczyk Eugeniusz Jacek

Prof., D.Sc., Eng. Sobczyk Eugeniusz Jacek,
Room no.: C417
Phone: (+48)12 617-16-54

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Scientific and research activity of the department

The Department of Minerals and Energy Market Research offers a comprehensive range of analysis, starting with geology, through feasibility studies in terms of mineral extraction and management of mineral resources and ending with the analysis of bituminous coal markets.

In the field of geology, research, design and documentation activities are carried out in the area of forecasting, prospecting, exploration, documentation of mineral deposits, resource estimation and legal grounds for the rational management of deposits and their protection.

In terms of mineral resource acquisition, conceptual projects and feasibility studies on the exploration and extraction of mineral resources (digital geological models and production scheduling based on these models), on the economic evaluation of mining investments and on aspects related to the decommissioning of mining plants are being carried out.

The department analyses a wide range of mineral economies, which is the basis for determining the direction of the raw materials policies of Poland and the European Union.

Analyses of the fuel and energy markets constitute a very important part of the department’s activities. In this area, analyses of domestic and international bituminous coal markets (producers, exporters, importers, prices, quality and transport) are carried out.

In addition, the department conducts numerous projects that are commissioned by the government in addition to studies within the framework of domestic and foreign scientific projects.

The scope of competencies of the employees of the department gives us the opportunity to offer a wide range of services, including analyses and reports required for the privatization process of mining enterprises (a mineral expert’s report) or purchase-sale transactions of mining plants (technical and environmental due diligence).

The department conducts a responsible personnel policy based on scientific succession, in which experience and skills are passed on to young research and development employees.


The Department of Minerals and Energy Market Research consists of four divisions: