HR Excellence in research Unia Europejska
HR Excellence in research Unia Europejska

Departaments and Divisions

The Division of Mineral Policy

Head of Division

Alicja Kot-Niewiadomska

Ph.D., Eng. Alicja Kot-Niewiadomska, Assistant Professor
Room no.: C 506
Phone: (+48) 12 617-16-66
Cell.: (+48) 693 833 190

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Who we are

The Division of Mineral Policy is a team of experts in the analysis of mineral resource management strategies in Poland and worldwide. Our employees have the competence to perform technical and environmental due diligence in mining plants and resource assessment. In addition, the division provides information and advisory services and cooperates with the Ministry of the Environment in the process of preparing and implementing the mineral policy of Poland.


Scientific and research activity

The Division of Mineral Policy specializes in analysing the mineral resources market. Our main achievements include the annually published ‘Bilans gospodarki surowcami mineralnymi Polski i świata’, which has been published for more than 20 years (since 1991), and its English version, ‘The Minerals Yearbook of Poland’, both of which are highly regarded in the industry and scientific communities. In addition, since 1990, the division has been organizing the ‘Actualities and Perspectives of Mineral Resources Management’ conference, attracting representatives of scientific institutions, business, industry and various administrative authorities (ministries as well as provincial and local authorities).

Research and development and service activities

The most important projects carried out by the division in recent years for the Ministry of the Environment, consulting companies and enterprises from the raw materials sector included:

  • Expertise on selected assumptions of the raw materials policy of Poland, including: I. List of users of mineral raw materials in Poland. II. The assessment of the current raw material needs of the national economy. III. The proposal of necessary corrections and additions to the public statistics research programme (the Central Statistical Office of Poland, GUS) in the field of mineral raw materials management. IV. The assessment of the domestic supply of mineral raw materials from secondary and waste sources,
  • Report containing conclusions and description of risks and threats resulting from the analysis of the recovery programme presented by the KHW (Katowicki Holding Węglowy),
  • Technical due diligence in connection with the planned acquisition of selected parts of six bituminous coal mines: Piekary, Jankowice, Bobrek-Centrum, Chwałowice, Marcel, and Rydułtowy-Anna,
  • Environmental due diligence and the estimation of resources of the Piekary bituminous coal mine,
  • Determination of parameters for the purpose of calculating remuneration for the establishment of mining usufruct for the purpose of extracting minerals from deposits located in the marine areas of Poland,
  • Evaluation and analysis of the role and importance of accompanying minerals, mineral waste materials and anthropogenic deposits,
  • The principles for determining remuneration for the establishment of mining usufruct in the case of liquidated underground salt mines,
  • Determination of the impact of the proposed changes in legal regulations regarding prospecting, exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons on the effectiveness of small mines operated by PGNiG S.A. in the Carpathians and the Carpathian Foredeep,
  • Strategies and technological scenarios of development and use of rock mineral deposits – technological foresight.

Moreover, our division has participated in the consortium of international project: ‘MINATURA 2020 – Mineral Deposits of Public Importance – Developing a concept for a European mineral deposits framework’ (2015-2018). It is worth noting that in recent years we have cooperated with the largest mining companies in Poland (PGG, JSW S.A., KGHM Polska Miedź and PGNiG) as well as with mines, energy companies, government administration units (the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Energy and the Ministry of Development) and self-government administration units, consulting companies (PWC, Deloitte and BRE Corporate Finance), universities and research institutes.

Our services

Thanks to our established experience and constantly developing competences, our services include research and development projects, expertises and analyses on the following subjects:

  • Development of deposits and mineral resources extraction (feasibility studies),
  • The broadly understood mineral economy in Poland and worldwide (from sources to end products),
  • The global commodity market and its conditions (production, supply, demand and prices),
  • The question of balancing of the individual mineral raw materials management,
  • Trends and forecasts of the development of the domestic mineral economy against the background of global and national market conditions,
  • Directions of the raw materials policy of Poland and the European Union,
  • The creation and modelling of the domestic mineral raw materials management and of the industry structures,
  • Economic, legal, technical, technological and environmental conditions of mineral raw materials extraction from primary, secondary and waste sources,
  • Formal and legal conditions for the development and exploitation of mineral deposits,
  • Sources, quality parameters and the potential use of mineral waste materials,
  • The conditions and possibilities of using modern techniques and technologies in the production of mineral raw materials,
  • Mineralogical and technological characteristics of ceramic and construction raw materials,
  • Information and consultancy services in the field of mineral resources management.