HR Excellence in research Unia Europejska
HR Excellence in research Unia Europejska

Departaments and Divisions

The Division of Fossil Fuels and Energy Market Research

Head of Division

Zbigniew Grudziński

D. Sc., Eng. Zbigniew Grudziński, Associate Professor
Room no.: 417
Phone: (+48)12 632-27-48/ 12 617 16 13

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Who we are

We have been operating within the Institute’s structure for nearly 30 years. We conduct scientific and research activities by publishing our findings in professional journals and by carrying out commissioned research and development projects. During this time, we have implemented several dozen significant projects for the coal and energy industries. Since 1994, our division has organized the annual conference ‘Issues of Energy Resources and Energy in the Domestic Economy’. The annual meetings are intended to foster a better mutual understanding of the specificity and complexity of problems related to the entire national economy and of the fuel and energy sectors by the employees of the mining, coke and power industries. The conference is attended by over 200 people each year.


Scientific and research activity

The division focuses on fuels and energy market research, with particular emphasis on the coal market. Our research interests include in particular issues related to the analysis of the supply and demand of coal, electricity and steel markets in Poland and worldwide, the trade of these products and the relationship between producers, exporters and importers and between producers and users. We are also interested in determining price levels and building price systems for coals, in assessing environmental aspects related to energy resources and the emission of fuels and in assessing resource attractiveness from the point of view of the end user. We have published numerous books on steam and coking coal management, international bituminous coal markets and coal processing, broadly understood.

Research and development and service activities

In recent years, the Division of Fossil Fuels and Energy Market Research has implemented or co-implemented over 150 research and development projects. Some of them have found applications in industry. It is also worth noting that our division has developed numerous price formulas once used in transactions between producers and consumers of coal and coal indices for the Polish Power Exchange. We have cooperated with entities like the ENEA and Tauron Group, the largest Polish coal companies and mines (PGG, KHW, JSW S.A. and the LW Bogdanka S.A.), coal market agencies such as ARP, the Mining Chamber of Industry and Commerce and consulting companies (KMPM, Deloitte), providing professional advisory services.

Our services

Thanks to constantly developing competences, our division offers the implementation of scientific and research and development projects in the following fields:

  • International bituminous coal markets (producers, exporters, importers, prices, quality and transport),
  • Forecasts of demand for bituminous coal in the domestic market,
  • Analysis of the domestic bituminous coal market and small-scale market (power coal and coking coal),
  • Analysis of the costs of hypothetical imports to Poland,
  • Assessment of the electricity market in Poland (production, prices, emissions and stock exchange),
  • Analysis of the economic situation of domestic mines and coal companies in light of price changes in international coal markets,
  • Determination of the import parity for bituminous coal and lignite,
  • Development of price systems for bituminous coal and lignite,
  • Analysis of price structures for solid fuels in producer-user systems,
  • Estimation of the price level based on criteria such as costs, import parity and market price indices,
  • Development of coal indices,
  • Assessment of the environmental aspects of the use of coal and lignite,
  • Analysis of the emissions of steam coal,
  • Assessment of the value of coal from the point of view of the user.