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The Division of Structural Analysis and Geological Cartography

Head of Division

Zygmunt Heliasz

Ph.D. Zygmunt Heliasz, Expert

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Who we are

The Division of Structural Analysis and Geological Cartography is a team of employees with knowledge and many years of experience in geological and exploration work. These projects have resulted in competences in the fields of economic geology, cartography and graphic modelling on small and large scales (2D and 3D). The basic work methods used in our division are numerical and graphical methods of analysis of geodynamic and geo-ecological phenomena, based on sequential studies and remote retrospection. The division specializes in methodological research and non-standard analysis and assessment in relation to land, sensitive objects and energy sources in areas of natural and anthropogenic hazards. General use maps and specialist reports of an applied character are essential parts of the projects carried out by the DSAGC employees.


Scientific and research activity

The division conducts methodological research in geological cartography of geodynamic phenomena and performs comprehensive analysis of the suitability of methods, programmes and data sets as research tools for the needs of geological exploration and geomorphological and location analyses. The main areas of interest include remote methods, stereoscopic modelling, digital elevation models (DEM) and small- and large-scale data from NASA (SRTM, global maps), NOAA, GUGiK (the Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography) and CODGiK (the Main Center for Geodesic and Cartographic Documentation). Other areas of the division’s activities include the development of data on cause-and-effect associations in the geo-environment, the need to adapt to environmental changes and reclamation assessments, disseminated in the form of audio-visual presentations (presentations with slides), books and publications in scientific journals. Based on our own experience, we provide free educational and exploratory consultations.

Research and development and service activities

Over the past few years, the research and development and implementation activities of the division have included in particular:

  • The development of the concept and co-implementation of the first Polish model of deep geological structure in 1:500,000 scale, starting from -500.0 m above sea level, through to -6000.0 m and ending with -500.0 m above sea level,
  • The development of new sheets of the Detailed Geological Map of Poland in 1:50,000 scale (Lubiewo, Łubowo and Czaplinek) and the updating of previous ones (Filipów and Żytkiejmy),
  • The development of 25 sheets of the Economic Geological Map of Poland (1:50,000) and about 15 sheets of the Geoenvironmental Map of Poland,
  • Preparation (as part of the consortium) of the report and opinion on the planned location of a nuclear power plant based on structural analysis of the site, interpretation of cartographic materials and field studies,
  • Complex research and analysis of the suitability of LiDAR for location studies of major water engineering facilities and the verification of views on the extent of individual glaciations, and their deglaciation in Poland.

Our services

Thanks to our competences and experience, we can offer the following scientific and research and development services:

  • Site risk assessment for the initial needs of planning the location of sensitive facilities,
  • Development and preparation of universal foundations for geological surveys,
  • Verification of surface geological boundaries and networks of tectonic discontinuities for the needs of exploration geology,
  • Development of pseudo-3D, shaded and stereoscopic models for the needs of site risk assessment,
  • Monitoring of site thermal conditions for determining the demand for heating and cooling energy.