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The Reports on the state of hard coal, copper and silver, zinc and lead mining in Poland

Here we present the Reports on the state of hard coal mining, copper and silver, as well as zinc and lead mining, which are the result of statutory research conducted at the Mineral and Energy Economy Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The authors of these Reports intend to systematically update the content presented therein in subsequent years.

The Reports contain data illustrating the legal aspects and issues of obtaining concessions for mining operations in Poland, resource base of mines according to the Polish classification and the globally accepted JORC Code, the state of the art and technology of mining operations, as well as the geological and mining conditions in mines, the state of work safety, capital expenditures, costs of production and economic results of the above mining industries and their role in the national economy.

Soon, English version of the Report.

 Raport 2017_Górnictwo węgla kamiennego w Polsce

 Raport 2018_Górnictwo węgla kamiennego w Polsce

 Raport 2018_Górnictwo rud miedzi i srebra w Polsce

 Raport 2018_Górnictwo rud cynku i ołowiu w Polsce